Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas, 2013

Did you know that the concept of a minimalist home is still going to be a trend in the year 2013 and the years to come.? Of course we are not a fortune teller, but architects and interior design trends all point to the themes of minimalism. Since the theme is still very minimalist architect dominate the world today. Minimalist home design today is prioritizing simplicity seen in geometric shapes and clean look. But it all depends on homeowners rather than later.

Here are some of the characteristics of minimalist interior design that diranalkan will be the trend in 2013:

1. Determine the pattern.

Determine the pattern means any room design should be designed in accordance with the principles of the concept of minimalist, simple, clean, tidy, less ornamentation and many others. Although it could be added with decorative ornaments, but choose one that suits the minimalist theme.

2. Importance Wall Hanging

Wall hangings have an important role for the aesthetic aspects of interior. Generally, the presence of wall hangings such as paintings placed in the middle of the room to create or make a major focus on it. In addition, you can also hang a picture frame has a unique frame.

3. Selection of Curtain

The selection of blinds is recommended to choose a plain curtain motif. Choose curtains that has a simple design, and color matched with the color room curtains, curtains aims to blend with the surrounding area.

4. Selection of Floor

Choose tiles that have a large size. Or you can also use a wood floor that has also been widely used in a minimalist design. You can also use the carpet color in tune with the feel of the room.