Designing and Building a Minimalist

Most images you see in magazines are the property design contemporary home design. This is because home with contemporary design is not only unsightly but also looks clean and tidy. Here are some tips that will change and improve your old house into a modern.


One of the defining characteristics of a minimalist home is cheaper development costs compared to other concepts. One thing that is important is the concept of a minimalist home that has a minimalist design concept is very varied budget range, so it is possible to build a minimalist home for you who have limited funds and land.

The best way to cope with the swelling fund house with a minimalist design is a smaller room. It can lower the overall cost of home construction and can minimize the labor required.


The entrance is the first thing seen by visitors. Not only can describe about the design and style of the house, but also can show how creative whether the owner of the house.

There are different types of doors to choose from, among others, are sliding doors, folding doors, double doors. Whatever type you choose still make sure that the material used is really good quality and last a long time.


House with contemporary style often use casement windows, sliding windows, and the windows permanently. Jenela this type not only looks good, but also works very well in your home lighting.

In addition to types of windows, you also need to think about what kind of material you will use. Aluminum window appears stronger and resilient when compared with other materials.


Only by placing the flat roof on your house, it can instantly give the impression of a modern or contemporary in your home. Unlike the existing flat roof in the 1960s that often leaked, modern techniques have improved the quality of the flat roof types.

Make sure you get an experienced roofing contractors are reliable so you can get the best value and good quality.


When you select the furniture and interior fittings of your home, it’s good to keep picking with a simple design.

Use furniture to a minimum, you should only place the furniture that you will use everyday such as tables, sofas, and entertainment stand.

Make sure you are on the table there are only a few things, do not put stuff on the table because it would have a chaotic and sloppy. You can put a painting or artwork dekrorasi in the corner.

For your walls, choose a comfortable color, natural color can provide a calming effect in your home. The combination of black and white is also a popular choice among homeowners contemporary concept.