Minimalist House Design Level 2

Story house with a minimalist choose could be an alternative for you who want to have a minimalist style dwelling house, but not with limited space. Minimalist house design does lately is booming with many requests minimalist house design with 2 floors. Home with minimalist concept is always interesting for us to follow its development, because in addition to good to be able to adjust well in view of the owner, because the concept of a minimalist home is saving the land and in terms of funding. In general, the development of minimalist design house in need of funds between middle and lower classes. So for prospective owners do not need no fears of running out of funds and construction of the house will just stop when the home has not been so. Minimalist style is usually reserved for those of you who have a small family or newly married. Minimalist house design is quite simple so just become an idol for many people. Minimalist 2 floors house is very able to meet the needs of space for your family to have more than just a father, mother and 2 children, that can customize any of your family members.

To build a minimalist house with 2 floors you can do yourself or you can also hire the services of an architect designs a house or if you want a more satisfying result. But if you want to build your own home with the concept, you can design to your liking. 2 storey minimalist house design must meet several criteria such as the health aspects of air circulation, light regulation and function room. Taking account of these things then your 2 floor minimalist house liveable.