Islamic Education

As a person who adheres to the teachings of Islam we should know the extent of Islamic education itself. Not a few people who claim to be Muslims but the knowledge of Islamic education was minimal resulting actions and behavior do not deserve to be called a Muslim.

Humans have the honor to be the caliph on earth to cultivate nature and its contents. Only with knowledge and faith alone tasks can be accomplished Caliphate into blessings and benefits for nature and all His creatures. Without a sense of faith will walk alone so it would appear mischief in the land and it would be dangerous to humans. And vice versa based on the faith without knowledge will be easily misled and did not understand how to process them into blessings and benefits to nature and everything in it.

So important science, it is no wonder the people of the Remembrance gets a high position both at the side of God and man. (Qur’an Mujadilah (58): 11)

Even Shaytan overwhelmed by the Muslims of learning, due to his knowledge, he is not easily deceived by Shaytan ruse.

Muadh bin Jabal ra. said: “If people are beakal it has sin in the morning and evening as much grit number, then finally he tends to still be saved from sin but rather suppose fools have goodness and virtues in the morning and evening as much grit number, the finally he could not keep it tends to weigh a mere mustard seed. ”

Someone asked, “How did it happen?” He replied, “Verily, if the rational was slipping, and he immediately realized by way of repentance, and the use of reason that was presented to him. But the fool is like a person who builds and instantly knocked him his folly he is too easy to do what it can ruin shalihnya charity. ”

Ignorance is one of the factors that impede the entry of the light of Islam. Therefore, human beings need therapy to become a noble and exalted by God. The glory of man lies in his sense that God endowed. Intellect is used to educate himself so has the science to know the creator and worship Him properly. That is why the Prophet uses educational methods to improve the man, because a man has a science education is a right. Thus, he avoided slippage on immorality, weakness, poverty and fragmented.

Importance of Islamic Education
Education is the key word for any humans to gain knowledge. Just by going to science education is acquired and absorbed properly. No wonder when the government is now 9-year study program requires that people be smart and civil. Education is also a suitable approach to human nature that has a stage in the growth phase.

Islamic Education has 3 (three) stages, namely: recitations (read verse Allah), tazkiyah (purify the soul) and ta’limul book wa Sunnah (teaching of the Bible and al wisdom). Education can transform society due to ignorance be the best people to have educational advantages. Education has a characteristic formation of understanding of Islam, complete and thorough, maintaining what has been learned, the development of the knowledge gained and to keep it on the rails sharia. Results of Islamic Education will form a tranquil spirit, an intelligent mind and a strong physique and a lot of charity.

Islamic education ruhiyah chime in education, fikriyah (understanding / thinking) and amaliyah (activities). Islamic values ‚Äč‚Äčinculcated in individuals requiring tahpan-developed to the next stage of empowerment in all sectors of human life. The potential is developed later directed pengaktualan potential by entering into various fields of life. (Surah Ali Imran (3): 103)

Education taught Allah through His Messenger comes to the Qur’an as a reference and approaches that will shape the tarbiyah conscious society and God as god alone.

Their lives will be saved in this world and the hereafter. The results of the knowledge gained is a great pleasure, in the form of knowledge, self-esteem, strength and unity.

The ultimate goal in Islamic Education is for people to have a clear picture of Islam, complete and comprehensive.

Interactions within this gives effect to the performance, the attitude, behavior and deeds so as to produce good manners. Akhlaq is necessary and must be trained through practice reading and reviewing the Qur’an, prayer nights, shoum (fasting) Sunnah, relating to the family and society. The more often she exercises, the more the charity and the easier it do good. Besides the exercise will conduct himself has a habit that eventually became the daily lifestyle.

Continuity in Islamic Education
Islamic education in Arabic called tarbiyah Islamiyah is the right and obligation of every man who wants to save her in this world and the hereafter. In accordance with the words of the Prophet Muhammad: “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the end.” So he was studying to educate yourself to understand Islam there is no such stop, semaki lot of science that we get it we have a responsibility to pass on to someone else to have the pleasure of learning, where the sustainability lies.

In addition to an obligation, educated and educating activities is an attempt to have ma’dzirah (reason) for the innocent to be accountable in future Allah SWT that optimal efforts have been made to improve themselves and invite others to the truth as taught by the Prophet manhaj SAW.

To produce a sustainable Islamic education is needed some means, both to educate as well as an educated, namely:

1. Istiqomah
Each of us must continue to learn and explore istiqomah knowledge of God, no parents in the study said, QS. Hud (11): 112, QS. Al-Kahf (18): 28

2. Discipline in responsibility
In learning course we need time for these activities. if only one of us is not present, it will disrupt the learning process. If we often miss school, whether we will get the maximum knowledge. We will be left with our friends, as well as teachers, when he would play truant protege will not go forward because the subject is not increased.

3. Telling plays a role in education
All we are required to portray himself as a teacher at certain moments, nurturing play function, while the other acts as a friend. So, all roles are used to maximize the educational activity.

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