Fast food is fast food aka junk food or other designations. Arguably the favorite of many people. Therefore, a concise presentation, easy, and fast. But behind it, junk food is actually a danger to your brain. Junk food is fat-rich foods are bad for the body and also sugar levels are not controlled.

It was found based on a recent study conducted in animals. How, animals were fed a high fat and high sugar. From there noticeable changes in the brain eaters became arise feelings of anxiety, depression, to addiction.

“Changes in brain chemistry by diet, associated with depression. Changes in eating patterns then cause withdrawal symptoms and greater sensitivity to stressful situations, leading to a vicious cycle of poor eating,” explains Dr. Stephanie Fulton, researchers from the University of Montreal, as reported by Huffingtonpost.

The results were also published in the International Journal of Obesity. The study compared two groups of animals tested, which were fed a diet that is low in fat (fat made ​​up 11 percent of the calories in food), and the animals were fed a high-fat diet for six weeks (fat comprises 58 percent of the calories in the food) .

At the end of the study, the high-fat group had increased by 11 percent the size of the waist. Researchers then analyzed the brain, as well as the emotions and behaviors after eating. Researchers found that the group of animals fed a high-fat diet more easily anxious, increased CREB molecule, which is known to play a role in the production of dopamine. “CREB is more active in the brains of mice fed a high-fat diet, these mice also had higher levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. It describes the cycle of depression and negative behaviors,” said Dr. Fulton.

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