Blazers are not only used for formal events office. Fashion blazer is IN for a long time. Now, many are taking a non-formal blazers for traveling, especially for those of you who like a trip to the mall. As Christian stewards Hollywood actress who was seen wearing a non-formal blazer in a talk show. Will share tips to keep your blazer preserved.

1. Treat stains immediately:

WHAT stain also, if left too long will become increasingly difficult to clean, especially on the type of clothing with materials that tend to be thick like a blazer. So when an emergency situation occurs, such as accidentally spilled tomato sauce into the collar blazer, immediately wet the stained area with water and a little soap. After that, the former water can be drained using a dryer or by pressing the tissue that is not easily destroyed in the former wet.

2. Behind, Soaked and Rinsed:

For favorite blazer and special materials such as Sateen and silk, do not align with each other clothes that can be washed directly in the washing machine. Wash separately using liquid detergent without much rubbing. Simply soak a few minutes so that the dirt off, then rinse in a former soap is gone. Do not forget to wash the position blazer inside out to protect the surface of the blazer. This is the most efficient method of washing power.

3. Avoid Crumpling the Blazer:

Maybe this one is less familiar to use, but it does not hurt for trying. To avoid a wrinkled blazer because knead lightly in a small bucket, we could use a bowl with a bit wide and elongated shape when soaking blazer. By using containers sufficient for a blazer in the range Kan, blazers would be easier on her tidy

4. Always on Hanging:

Blazer is outwear that has a clear silhouette with shoulder pieces and bold waistline that suits your body shape. With conditions like this, avoid folding blazer and use hangers (hangers) clothes, both in drying and storing blazer. Use the hanger is designed according to the shape of the shoulder dress with a thick material and tend to be hard.

5. Maybe not as much as in Iron:

The next step, after finishing with the washing-washing routine is ironing. In the dictionary blazer Skip the activities can be ironed. The purpose wash blazer by using container width is to minimalize the wrinkles on a thick blazer material.

6. When It Must in Iron:

Sometimes blazer with thin material looks disheveled after washing. For his ironed avoid direct contact with the surface of the iron is hot irons blazer. Surface layers of white linen blazer with a sort of bed and board sheet as normal blazer.


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