Best Digital Camera for Beginners

The best digital camera is a camera that suits you, and for those of you who want to start learning photography, here is a list of the three best digital camera for you to start the art of photography.

Camera Canon 1000D or Rebel XS

Camera Canon 1000D or Rebel XS many referred to as the lightest Canon digital camera to date, and is one of the best digital cameras for beginners. You may not think that it has many advantages, but when it is only used point-and-shoot technique, there was quite a difference, and have a lighter camera is quite helpful. Camera Canon 1000D has 7 points auto focus with a 2.5-inch LCD on the back.

Camera Sony Alpha 290 or A290

Camera Sony Alpha 290 is one of the best digital camera for anyone who wants to start learning photography with DSLR cameras. This camera has a 14.2 megapixel sensor and has something called ‘steady shot’ in it. Steady shot allows you to take photos at slow shutter speed and minimizes camera shake, which can help in low light situations.
A290 also can shoot up to ISO 3200 which is higher than the other two cameras, but in this setting because the picture quality is not good visible noise. However, the image noise is much better than blurry.
If you’ve never had a DSLR camera before, this is the best digital camera to start learning photography.
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SLR and DSLR cameras – Main Differences

SLR Camera or Single Lens Reflex camera are a class of cameras that allowed for much better photograph. Most cameras have two light paths of the target, one leads to the lens itself while the other to the viewfinder or viewfinder. This leads to the images a bit different from what you see in the viewfinder.
SLR Camera fix by using a certain mechanism that lets you see through the lens. Once you press the button to take a picture, then move the mechanism to let the light go on behind hit films.
Most SLR cameras used in professional photography, where the need for a very high quality. It will not be surprising that most of the advanced features appearing on SLR cameras and not on a regular camera.
In the early stages of photography, the LCD viewfinder to be popular, because it usually takes the LCD viewfinder image on the image sensor, and it was considered a SLR camera, but not only that. SLR cameras have a camera class ‘high end’ with more advanced features, such as manual control and lenses that can be changed. It’s not just about the path of light. Continue reading “SLR and DSLR cameras – Main Differences”

Canon EF-S Series Best

Canon EF-S lenses are designed by Canon for amateur photographers. They just fit with a body that has a 1.6x Canon cameras ‘field of view crop factor’ (FOVCF) from the image sensor. The cameras include: Canon EOS Digital Rebel Series, Canon EOS 50D, 40D, 30D, 50D, 10D and 7D.
The image sensor in the camera body is smaller than the more expensive the camera, the camera body Canon professional grade. As a result, the entire image produced by the Canon EF lenses do not reach the image sensor. Canon EF-S lenses are designed to work only with FOVCF sensors 1.6x smaller. Meanwhile, Canon lens is produced for consumer photography class, but the Canon is still able to make the great photos.
There are several options when choosing a lens Canon’s EF-S series. The picture quality, material quality, flexibility with different prices from each lens. Most of the lens is a lens with reasonable price and made functional for the consumer, there are some lens Canon EF-S is a little stand out from the others.
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Avoiding Red Eye Effect on Photo

Although many of the latest DSLR cameras have a feature to filter out the effects of red eye issues or red eye, but this is not always the case. In this article we will briefly look at some photography tips that deal with red eye effect was avoided on the results of your image.

So what causes red eye effect in photos?
While you may just be interested to find out how to avoid red eye effect in photos of people you take, it can help quickly about issues that cause red eye effect to help you avoid this problem.
Red eye effect caused by the direct reflection of the flash from the back of the human retina. Basically, as most flash units made only one or two inches from the lens, flash sends light that bounces off the back of the human retina, and reflects directly back into the camera lens. Reflections are seen in the image as red, thus creating a red eye effect.
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How to Hold Your SLR Camera Correctly

How to hold your SLR camera is the most basic technique in learning photography. Did you ever feel that your photos are sometimes blurry or even feel your hands are very tired after a long shoot? This is probably one of the causes of the incorrect ways of holding SLR camera.
How to hold your SLR camera correctly is very important, in order to have a strong and stable grip. Without the proper knowledge on this subject, you may potentially encounter camera shake which gives the images a lack of focus. Truth be told, this can be very annoying, especially when shooting indoors or in low light conditions (without a tripod or flash of course) where the shutter speed is slower.
I think learning how to hold a SLR camera with a really very important as learning other photography tips and techniques. It seems trivial, but there is no point applying all sorts of techniques for your photos, which then produces a blurry image. Also, it is inevitable that you will look more professional when you hold an SLR camera with a professional manner. The worst thing is holding SLR camera as you take photos using a compact camera or pocket.
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TIPS prevent hair loss

Prevent premature baldness by addressing excessive hair loss …

Hair is the crown of hair all people, especially women. Who would not be proud if having thick black hair sheen like girl. Various ways to much cost do to get beautiful hair. Like going to the doctor hair, wearing an expensive shampoo, hair treatment routine as hair mask, cream bath, and much more. There are many factors you should know to prevent hair loss. The first thing you have to know the cause of the loss factor and also how strong your hair type. These are the things you need to know to prevent hair loss.


Body too tired, lack of sleep or stress due to many minds, can affect the health of the body, especially in hair health. Nerves taut body that can adversely affect the circulation of the blood that will flow to the head area. Automatic head being very heavy, tense and nerve head becomes easy to migraine. It was a spur of hair loss. Besides that, it can cause the hair follicles do not obtain the maximum nourishments and makes the hair roots become weak. Continue reading “TIPS prevent hair loss”


Early breast cancer detection is very important. Because the disease is like an enemy in the blanket, silent but deadly. Reported FoxNews recently, there are easy and quick to detect breast cancer is by rubbing and squeezing it.

In fact, there is a study that says that a woman squeezing her own breasts is healthy. It is described by researchers from University of California, at Berkeley. The researchers say that women who give mechanical movement as self-examination (in this case the squeezing breasts) was able to restore the growth of irregular cells and put these cells back to normal growth patterns.

Breast tissue is known to grow, shrink, and change the whole way of life of a woman in a structured pattern, until finally stopping at some point. Breast cancer is often characterized by disruptions in the pattern of cell growth so that cells become abnormal, and trigger the growth of cancer cells. Continue reading “HOW EASY IS BREAST CANCER DETECTION”


You ladies who love shopping? Too many clothes so hard to find when you are about to leave the house? Unusual for a woman to have a lot of clothes and accessories that mess. For that, you need to find five tips to organize your closet neatly. With a wardrobe neat, easy for you to find the clothes you want perfectly.

1. Plan

Make a list of what items you have. Clothing, shoes, accessories (sunglasses, belt, clutch, wallet, etc.). Plan space to put stuff you got.

2. Choose a system that is easy to manage goods

There are some systems that are easy to manage. Segment matching color and same stuff. For example, employers placed their own clothes, and sort of the same color. So it is with jeans, skirts or skirts work to travel separately grouped.