Exercise is healthy and make the body feeling refreshed. But sport also makes the body’s energy is lost. Many people believe eating after exercise were able to recover the body of an exhausted condition. That does it. Error choose foods after exercise can cause the body to recover energy lost difficulties.

The best food is after exercise that combines water, complex carbohydrates and some protein. The body uses glucose (sugar) for fuel during exercise, so that when the exercise is complete, you need food that can raise blood sugar. But be aware, increased blood sugar should be gradual and not a sudden jump.

So what foods are best avoided after exercise? describes as reported by iVillage:

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Tips unfortunate that we will this time is how to remove eye bags and dark circles under the eyes naturally. It is important to know why in order to set the appropriate steps to address them. In general, the main causes of these souls is lack of sleep, fatigue, due to the natural process of aging, loss reserves klagen and other external factors.

Natural materials are used are as follows:

1. Compress former tea bags

Black tea contains tannins, which can constrict blood vessels and skin tightening. That way, the blood vessels will be smooth, so as to reduce the swelling around the eyes. The process compresses the tea bag marks made during 10-15 minutes.

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Fast food is fast food aka junk food or other designations. Arguably the favorite of many people. Therefore, a concise presentation, easy, and fast. But behind it, junk food is actually a danger to your brain. Junk food is fat-rich foods are bad for the body and also sugar levels are not controlled.

It was found based on a recent study conducted in animals. How, animals were fed a high fat and high sugar. From there noticeable changes in the brain eaters became arise feelings of anxiety, depression, to addiction.

“Changes in brain chemistry by diet, associated with depression. Changes in eating patterns then cause withdrawal symptoms and greater sensitivity to stressful situations, leading to a vicious cycle of poor eating,” explains Dr. Stephanie Fulton, researchers from the University of Montreal, as reported by Huffingtonpost.
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Your body stores fat as a resource to help you starve if you do not receive enough food. However, you are not fat reserves as a meal replacement, but it contains blood sugar for energy. Just because hunger does not mean your body is burning fat.

Blood Sugar

Hunger is usually a reflection that your body has run out of energy from the food you consume, so the body will take the energy from the sugar in your blood. The body stores sugar as glycogen, which will release when you feel hungry. The more sugar you eat, the more fuel your body to be in use before it turns into fat. Any carbs you eat will be stored as sugar by your body. If your body does not have enough sugar to supply the energy needed, it will burn fat when you are hungry instead. Reducing the consumption of carbohydrates will help reduce the amount of sugar, this will encourage the body to burn fat when you are hungry.


Everyone will want to have white skin and clean. Most people who have darker skin often loses confidence in the dressing. Actually, blacks and dark is not bad for a dress, just be more careful in choosing the color of clothing. These are tips and tricks for your special dress dark skin.


Use a light color clothing

Many dark-skinned man who is afraid to use bright colors. But dark skin even became a strong base for bright colors. You can get the impression of a cool contrast.

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Every woman may have the desire to have a beautiful face like a queen. Lucky, Boldsky page offers tips to make the Eve a gorgeous beauty queen style famous throughout the world. Good again, this is the secret tips of five women who are pretty well known.

1. Mary Queen of Scots
Mary Queen of Scots is one of the most beautiful women in the world. It turns out to have a skin that always seems to look younger, smoother, and more fresh, Queen Mary uses facial red wine. Facial with red wine too much done today. Not only that, it turns out the Queen Mary also use red wine for bathing. Maybe someday you women could emulate what he did. Pour the red wine into your bath water and enjoy the sensation.

2. Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth keep her skin beauty using egg white mask. Egg white is known to effectively address a variety of skin problems. Problems that include acne, wrinkles, even skin redness caused by sunburn. With the masks using egg whites, your skin also looked toned, youthful and bright. Continue reading “BEAUTY SECRET FIVE world famous ALA”


Just ask your girlfriend how many kinds of shoes she had in the wardrobe, and they must be confused answer. For men, the answer is simple: Every man should have at least five pairs of different shoes. To support our appearance is not just clothes that need our attention, but the suitability of shoes with the theme of the event.

1. Cool Sneakers

This is one of the mandatory shoe belongs. Sneakers can be used for casual events. Choose neutral colors like navy blue, black, white and gray.

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Vitamins and minerals are the best intake to cope with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, and they also help combat the negative effects of menopause such as osteoporosis and heart disease. Dr. David Katz said that the decline in estrogen levels during menopause can affect bone health to heart function. That is why it is very important profit taking vitamins and proper nutrition during menopause. Here is a list of the best vitamins for menopause syndrome.

vitamin A

This vitamin is not only serves to maintain healthy eyes and skin, but also serves to maintain urinary tract and vaginal infections are caused by a drop in estrogen levels.

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According to the assumption of most men, haircuts should reflect lifestyle routine, not according to how many birthday candles you’ve blown. So, when you want to get dressed in the morning you must adjust the hair style. Look at some of the options below. Find a style that suits your style everyday along with how to treat them. Have a Look 🙂

Business (See A: Cooper, A)

Hairstyle: Cut neat but not stiff.

Care: Your hair should look clean every day, so use a mild shampoo every day.

Cut: Neat Kan haircut every four weeks, with professional hairstyle. Just use a hair clipper.

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