Turmeric is known as a traditional plant with rich benefits. In addition to good health, according to research turmeric contains many substances that are good for the body. Ordinary housewife using turmeric for seasoning. Peoples Palace always use turmeric for skin care, body scrubs turmeric can be used to remove dirt skin and makes the skin turn yellow .

Turmeric has high antioxidant properties as well as to brighten and smooth the skin. Additionally contain turmeric anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties making it useful for acne and dries quickly kill the acne.

But do you know that turmeric is also beneficial for skin health especially useful for facial acne. Traditional acne therapies can be done by using turmeric mask. Here’s how to make a mask of turmeric at home:

Prepare turmeric powder, coconut milk and lime juice. Mix ingredients together until a little liquid. Rub it on your face and neck, his silence for 15 to 20 minutes. When it was hardened in the face, rinse with water until clean. Continue reading “TURMERIC FOR BENEFITS facial acne”


To maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the rooms, we usually wash or wash with shampoo. Speaking of shampoo, it turns out you have to be vigilant in choosing shampoo. That is, it could be the shampoo contains chemicals that are harmful.

At least, if you want to buy shampoo, best seen first packaging. Then read the chemicals used on the packaging label. Indeed, shampoo itself consists of a number of chemicals, if we really do not want contact with chemicals, it’s just you do not wash.

Well, the Times of India pages reveal the list of chemicals that you should avoid when buying shampoo.

1. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)
This chemical is commonly used as an ingredient in detergents and pesticides and herbicides belonged. This chemical is also known as carcinogenic. Are carcinogenic substances that cause cancer or increase the risk of cancer. Cancer is caused by changes (mutations) in genes (DNA) from cells that develop into abnormal cells that will not die and grow out of control.
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How Online Education Support students study

TeenMing.com developed students, curriculum and excellent scientists. Students that the police spent his competitiveness difficulties with such learning environments, and difficult. Many students panic and decide the shape and movement to end once and for all.

This is why parents and teachers have always to learn fast, reliable and looking for economic theory. Recently, e-learning is useful in this context. Many graduate students in solving several standards for academic research duties to academic matters.

Information technology has revolutionized especially partnerships between educational institutions and students to help in many ways. Some of the benefits of online students are given below:
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