Educational Psychology

Education is an ongoing process of growth through learning actions. While educational psychology is the systematic study of the processes and factors related to education. From the above limitations seen a very strong connection between psychology education with action learning. Therefore it is not surprising that some educational psychologists say that the field of educational psychology is the study about learning. In other words, educational psychology focusing on issues relating to the process and factors related to action learning.

Because the concentration on learning problems, namely the problems always inherent in the subject students, the main consumers of educational psychology in general is on the educators. They were required to master the art so that they, in carrying out its functions, it can create the conditions that have a major thrust of the course of actions to learn effectively. Continue reading “Educational Psychology”

Special intelligent child is a child at risk

Parents are one of the most important figures in the care and education of their children. This heavy duty, felt heavier now because of the demands of parenting and education requires strong foundations can be more accountable (evidence based practice in the childhood field) in order to achieve the goals to be achieved, namely to deliver her baby in order to become the man in charge and able to function well in society. Continue reading “Special intelligent child is a child at risk”