Specifications and Price List Canon PowerShot Cameras

Manufacturer Canon has existed for a long time, along with several other brands, they may be the largest manufacturer of photographic devices ever, and if you intend to buy one of the Canon digital cameras, Here is the list price of the Canon cameras are most popular, best selling , and the best review of the Canon PowerShot types

Canon PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP
14.1 megapixels; 2.7 PureColor LCD
28mm Wide Angle Lens; 4x Optical Zoom
720p HD Video Recording. HDMI Output
22 Predefined Settings; Smart Auto Select
Scene Modes: including Fish Eye Effect And Low Light Mode
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3 Important Things in Making Your Own Photo Studio

Setting up a photo studio at home is becoming more common nowadays. The high cost of setting up or renting and running a photo studio has encouraged photographers to utilize the empty space in the house. And now it is common to find photographers start a home-based business. If you want to build a photo studio at home, there are a few things to remember.

Here are 3 important things to remember when going to create your own photo studio.

In any business, you have to have an office space, where you feel comfortable while working. This is where your documents are stored including fees, bills, invoices and other documents related to your business, as well as other important activities. And to simplify your work easier, you can purchase support facilities such as computers, printers and scanners. You also need to have its own portfolio, where you can store your photos.
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Photography Model Tips

If you are a model or photographer and would like to jump in the model photography, here are some of his tips.

First tip is to relax. This is the key to a warm and amazing photography studio. If you feel uncomfortable or model would then look at the final result. A fashion photographer or model must be able to develop a friendship with the subjects. This will lead to better working conditions for them.
Make sure that the model is like the clothes he wore or he will feel uncomfortable and it will appear on the image.
Pose should appear natural at all times. If the model sitting chair to be comfortable posing. When the model is posing they should always maintain good posture with the exception of the photographer suggested otherwise.
For the model, hold the stomach will give you the appearance of a firmer abdomen. Standing sideways to make models appear thinner.
Facial expressions and body poorly can damage the image. Where possible, the hand should fall naturally into place. Eyes must be wide and bright, take everyone who looked into the gamba. Do not let your model pose smile for every picture, but with a variety of facial expressions that would be better. Continue reading “Photography Model Tips”

Comparison of Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D7000

One question that is often asked by people when buying a digital camera whether to buy a Canon 5D Mark II or Nikon D7000 is “which one produces better image?”
People who have used both cameras is a good place to answer this question. And their answer is usually “Good!” Or rather, “They take pictures well, it all depends on the person behind the camera.”
The picture quality is, of course, is the number one criterion for most people when buying a DSLR camera but there are other criteria to consider, especially when comparing the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D7000.
Here are some differences between the two cameras.

Both cameras are made with sturdy, Canon 5D slightly larger than the Nikon D7000 but it’s not a problem.

Storage or Storage
Here, the Nikon D7000 has the edge, thanks to the dual SD card slot when compared to a single CF slot on the 5d Mark II. Is it SD card to CF card is not too important, but having a backup slot, at least more convincing. Continue reading “Comparison of Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D7000”

Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

If you are new to digital photography, digital photography here are some tips that might be useful, and the point is to learn photography with diligence and skill development in order to make a good picture.
Here are some of his tips
1. Familiarize yourself with the camera. This may seem tedious, but it’s important. If you want to know what your camera is capable of shooting particular, what its limitations are and how you can maximize its use will help you make a good picture.
2. Practice taking pictures. Art photography is a skill. You will get a better picture if you do more practice.
3. Take as many pictures as you can and want to. Most digital cameras have a memory card that will allow you to take pictures as much as possible. You can also buy additional SD or CF, so you can take more photos. Continue reading “Digital Photography Tips For Beginners”

Definition and Functions White Balance In Camera

What is white balance?, White balance is a setting on your camera that helps you capture the color when shooting and make them as real as possible. Basically what white balance did was that he recognized the white color in the image. It is said that all colors from white. For example, sunlight is white, but when it hits the prism, it splits into a rainbow color.

The results of each white balance setting
Therefore, if you can get the correct white balance will give all the other colors. You do not need to know about the prism or how light works. You just need to know how to white balance on your camera work. If you are under the white yellow light all around you will have a yellow color. This means that there are additional yellow color.
For others it can be said the same color. Now, if you want your image has a color that you actually need to tell the camera which colors should be white. It can be adjusted manually on your DSLR camera with white balance.
All DSLR cameras have a setting to adjust the white balance yourself. Most DSLR cameras come with white balance settings for your convenience. I will explain what is meant by white balance and what they do.
Auto – In this mode the camera detects the light and make the adjustments themselves, beyond the control of the user. Mostly, Auto mode will work fine, but sometimes it can not produce the desired results. Continue reading “Definition and Functions White Balance In Camera”

Macro Lens Canon EF-S 60mm Reviews

If you are serious about photography then at some point you would think and interested in macro photography. The pictures can be taken with a macro lens can be absolutely stunning, with a level of detail that makes it an amazing picture to behold.
Before you begin, you should make sure you choose the right camera lens for macro photography, and the following is a review of the macro lens Canon EF-S 60mm.
Macro lens Canon EF-S 60mm is a fixed focal lens with USM or ultra sonic motor for quiet operation system or not rude, and has f-stop 2.8. This macro lens has an EF-S Mount that fits on popular models like the 450D and 500D, as well as some Canon cameras like the 5D higher range. This lens is not compatible with the Canon camera range which only take EF mount.
The first thing to remember is that the lens is quite small when compared to other lenses, and fixed or fixed focal length focal point so you can not zoom in on the subject. This means you have to physically move to get closer, but it’s good macro lens right?
As a fixed focal lens, the EF-S 60mm can be used also as a portrait lens. Photos taken with extraordinary levels of detail unlike other photos taken with a normal lens, and the colors are sharp overall.
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8 Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

If you have studied and understand the interest in photography and plunge into the world of wedding photography, here are some simple tips when you are shooting at a wedding.

Preparation. You should make a list of the photo shoot that you will live, so no moment is missed.
Acquiring the equipment properly. Bring a camera at least in case broken, and applies also to the lens and flash, you try to carry too wide angle lens for group photos. Battery backup and memory card is a must as well. A good lens perhaps even more important than the camera.
Be friendly, polite and charming.
Be creative in photography and composition. Look for the corners where you will find a good spot to take pictures, do not be too rigid.
Take photos of the combination of large number of people. Bride with her mother, then her father, then with both. You have a better chance to sell more photos in this way, and at the same time, get some wonderful memories for everyone. Continue reading “8 Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners”

Photography Tips: Photographing How To The photos are sharp

One of the most irritating experiences for a photographer is when I got home from taking the picture found some shots that are not sharp. To help solve this problem, this article covers seven things that photographers need to do to make the image very sharp.

When looking to obtain a sharp image, the first thing is the tripod. A tripod provides a stable platform that holds the camera with a stiff – dramatically increases image sharpness.

Ballast tripod
Tripod is a good start. However, the tripod can even be made more stable by using some object to ballast tripod. It produces a sharper image. It is important that the tripod has some kind of mechanism at the bottom of the center pole that is designed for hanging objects to add weight to the tripod.
An easy way to use this feature is to carry a small bag-shaped nets with your photo equipment. Bags can be filled with stones, or other material, and attached to the tripod. Even if the tripod does not have such a mechanism, other methods can be used as a camera bag hanging on the middle pole tripod. Continue reading “Photography Tips: Photographing How To The photos are sharp”

Reviews Canon EOS 7D

Camera Canon EOS 7D is a camera semi / professional. The design is based on a 18 megapixel sensor capable of shooting between ISO 100 to 12,800, and can shoot at 8 fps continuous and can record 1080p HDTV quality. Canon camera body is waterproof and penta-prism viewfinder which provides 100% coverage.

While having automatic shooting modes such as most modern digital SLR cameras (or more commonly known as DSLR) camera, the Canon EOS 7D is very good with manual control. The reason is that Canon Inc actually designed the camera to the specific needs of the professional photographer. Thus, Canon cameras are made with the features and functions that are very attractive and the best results can be achieved through creative manual controls.
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